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Royal Malaysian Police

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Criminal Investigation Division

This department deals with the investigation, arrest and prosecution of hard crimes (murder, robbery, rape etc) and petty crimes (theft, house-breaking etc). This department also specializes in gambling, vice and organized-crime societies like the Chinese triads and the Yakuzas.
[edit] Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division

This department's function is to fight against dangerous drugs by enforcing the law to stop and reduce the demand and supply of dangerous drugs.
[edit] Internal Security and Public Order Department

This department is tasked with the maintenance of public security and order. It is responsible for traffic control and search & rescue (SAR) operations. In this role, this department often cooperates with Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and the military to prevent piracy and to secure the national borders. In addition, it assists the Transport Ministry and the Public Enterprises Ministry in the enforcement of the Traffic Act.The department is led by a Commissioner of Police (CP).
[edit] Special Branch (SB)

Very similiar to the British Secret Intelligence Service. This department is responsible for collecting intelligence for national security. Its role is to collect security intelligence related to both domestic and external threats, intercept subversive activities by extremist groups and individuals which could threaten the nation's stability. Also, it is in charge of obtaining, processing, evaluating and disseminating information to other departments and organizations. This department is divided into several branches: Technical Intelligence, Social Intelligence, External Intelligence, Political Intelligence, Economic Intelligence And Security Intelligence.SB is headed by a Commissioner of Police (CP).
[edit] Commercial Crimes Investigation Department

This department's main function is to investigate, arrest, and prosecute offenders committing white collar crimes such as fraud, breach of trust, cyber-crimes, forgery, counterfeiting etc.The department is headed by a Commissioner of Police (CP).

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